Up until the end of the 19th Century Model Railways where still regarded as toys for children. However at the start of the twentieth century a group of men from England started building model railways as a hobby. Working along with the Germany manufacturer Bing at the time on the the worlds largest toy manufactures they established 4 scales,

O Gauge (1:43.5), Gauge 1 (1:30), Gauge 2 (1:27) and Gauge 3 (1:23).

Where Gauges 1, 2 & 3 where more conducive to live steam O Gauge was more suited to Clockwork and Electric Motors. However at the time with very little material around that would provide insulation of wheels a 3rd rail was used to provide power to the electric motors. This however was practice on railways at the time particularly around London.

  1840's Birmingham Dribblers  
  1850's Clockwork Locomotives  
  1890s Electric Motors  
  1900s Scales and Gauges  

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We have been making model railway buildings for the computer for over 20 years.Using our training as graphic designers and long association with model railways

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