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Buildings for the 3D Printer

N Gauge Houses for the 3d :Printer

The advent of 3d Printing in the past few years has opened up many possibilities. It is also an ideal medium for model buildings opening up many possibilities. On the top have of this page we have a number of Houses for the 3d Printer. These can be done in coloured plastic, or painted etc as desired. You can also combine your 3d print with a similar model from our computer printer models which can be used to make a full colour building

Buildings for the Computer Printer

N Gauge Houses

The Buildings on this page are compatible with N Gauge model railways - 2 mm to a foot or 1:148

The top section of Buildings are for the Computer Printer are printed out flat and the built up to a 3d Model. This page contains Houses, enough choice for a village, town or even a city

To download just click on the Picture. The building will open in a new tab, then just print out and build up. For full instruction use our tutorial.

For buildings for the 3d Printer just scroll down